Introduction of CHAA

China Hospital Architects Alliance (CHAA) is China's most professional spirit and the academic influence of stylist of leaders, by domestic medical architecture design professional eight famous architect joint, is a non-profit public welfare, openness, the learning organization, mainly by renowned architect and designer experts, scholars and young elite in the field of medical building design, composed of voluntary private self organization. As a non-profit organization, China Hospital Architects Alliance aims to carry forward the professional spirit, promote the continuous progress and innovation of medical architectural design in China, and promote the rapid growth of young talents as its mission.

Mission of CHAA

Being a spiritual and cultural home for Chinese medical architects

Being the most professional and influential knowledge exchange consortium in the field of medical building design in China

Building the most cutting-edge and open development cooperation platform for Chinese medical architects

Forming a joint position for Chinese medical architects to expand the international arena

Promoting the sustainable development of medical architectural design industry in China

Organization structure of CHAA

Introduction of CHAA Project Activities Join CHAA

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