The first board members of CHAA

Number Name Company position
1 Xu Changji President and Founder of C.C. Hsu & Associates of Architects and Engineers
2 Guo Liang Chairman of Hongkong Aohua Medical Industry Group Co., LTD
3 Cao Gang Director of the Southeast Branch of the Eleventh Design and Research Institute of Electronic Information Industry Science and echnology Engineering Co., LTD
4 Guo Fanghui Deputy Chief Engineer of the Sixth Design and Research Institute of Mechanical Industry
5 Li Lin Deputy Director Engineer of Hunan Architectural Design Institute
6 Su Yuanying Design Vice President CCDI International Design Consulting Co., LTD
7 Gu Jun Chief Architect of China Institute of Building tandard Design and Research
8 Wang Xijian Assistant to President, General Manager and President of Shandong Tongyuan Design Group Co., LTD
9 Zhang Xiujiang The Chief Architect of China Architecture Northeast Design and Research Institute
10 Warner Alan Jon Design Director,Warner Hongye Architectural Design Consulting (Beijing) Co., LTD
11 Xue Tiejun President of the First Design Institute of Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tianjin University
12 Sun Hongxin Expert Consultant of Tianjin Architectural Design Institute
13 Tian Wei Director of Medical Design Institute of Tianjin Architectural Design Institute
14 He Jiaxin Executive Chief Architect of China Zhongqing International Engineering Co., LTD
15 Tai Renji Director of the Third Branch of Shenzhen Construction Design Research Institute Co., LTD
16 Qiu Lin Director of Medical Architecture Design Research Center Zhong Heng Design Group Co., LTD.
17 Cao Jian Director of Design Institute HUALAN Design (Group) Co., LTD .
18 Li Junrui Consultant Chief Architect of Beijing no.3 Construction Engineering Co., LTD.
19 Yuan Chenyue Vice President of LAKM Architects
20 Li Hui President of the First Institute of Medical Architectural Design and Research of China
21 Sun Yaming Design Director of Jiangsu Yaming Interior Architecture Design Co., LTD.
22 Yu Haiyan Deputy Chief Architect Huayi Design Consulting Co., LTD.
23 Wan Jun Vice President of Medical Treatment and Scientific Research Building Design Research Institute of China Architecture Design & Research Group
24 Yang Shuguang President of the Fourth Branch of Shangdong Province Architectrual Design & Research
25 Zhang Yuanping Deputy Chief Architect and Director of Health Center of China Southest Architectural De- sign and Research Institute Co., LTD.
26 Zhou Chao Director of the Third Academy of Construction Engineering of China IPPR International Engineering Co., LTD.
27 Chen Liang Dean of Architectural Art Design, China Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., LTD.
28 Wang Guodong Deputy Architect 05 Zhejiang Modern Architecture Design and Research Institute
29 Feng Qing Deputy Chief Architect of Medical Architectural Design Institute of China Architecture Northwest Design and Research Institute Co., LTD.
30 Chen Zhiqing Vice President of Zhejiang Architectural Design and Research Institute
31 Luo Baoge Vice President and Chief Architect of Hebei Dadi Construction Technology Co., LTD.
32 Polly LO ROLLAND President of Frederic Rolland International, France.
33 Zhou Ying Professor, School of Architecture, Southeast University
34 Li Bin Professor and Doctoral Supervisor, School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
35 Wang Shan Professor of College of Architecture & Urban Planning and Director of Institute of Medical Architecture of Being University of Technology
36 Liu Man Professor of Design Academy of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute
37 Chen Bing Vice Professor of Department of Urban Planning and Design of Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University
38 Wu Zhijian Excutive Chairman of China, Pellegrino Associates Design Workshop
39 Long Hao Professor, Department of Architecture, School of Architecture and Urban Planning Chong- qing University
40 Zhuang Yadian General Manager, Branch of BeiJing, J.J. Pan Architects and Planners
41 Zhong Libing Design Director, Usense Group Engineering(Shanghai) Co., LTD.
42 Zhang Chunyang Professor, School of Architecture, South China University of Technology
43 Su Liming Chief Architect of Medical and Healthcare Business Department of Beijing 5+1 Werkhart International Engineering Design & Consulting Co., LTD.
44 Yao Hongmei Vice Chief Architect and President of 3rd Design Branch, Architectural Design and Re- search Institute of Tsinghua University
45 Wu Bing Design Director of Tianjin Kangxin Construction Engineering Design Co., LTD.
46 Gao Feng Design Director, CCDI Branch of Shenzhen
47 Zhang Jiangtao Design Director of Architectural Creation Institute, Deputy Chief Architect, Shenzhen Archi- tectural Design Research Institute Co., LTD.
48 He Zheng Medical Design Director, First Design Research Institute of Shanghai Construction Engi- neering Design Research Institute Co., LTD.
49 Tao Qi President of the Institute of Medical Design, Jiangsu Panaisa Medical Technology Group Co., LTD.
50 Hu Huifang Senior Architect, Branch of Shanghai, NBBJ Architects
51 Sun Jian Excusive Chief Architect, Hong Kong Huayi Design Consultant (Shenzhen) Co., LTD.
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